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Speak Up panel sessions

Our Speak Up panel sessions are a great way to engage your workforce on topics about diversity, equity and inclusion in society, by bringing authentic stories based on lived experience to the forefront.

Led by a moderator, we invite members of our collective who sit across a broad intersection of diversity to join us in discussion about topics which provide your community with tools to better understand how they can lean into being changemakers for underrepresented people.

All sessions can be hosted in person or online and are intended to feel conversational across a 30, 60 or 75 minute format.

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What in the world is Code Switching?

Code switching is the way in which a member of an underrepresented group (consciously or unconsciously) adjusts their language, syntax, grammatical structure, behaviour, and appearance to fit into the dominant culture.

An informative and informal discussion about what code switching is, and the many ways that it can manifest itself in everyday life, with a particular focus on the workplace.

Led by a moderator, this panel discussion will welcome up to three guest speakers who will speak about their personal experiences of code switching.

Celebrating Trans Liberation

Often when speaking about historically marginalised communities, in particular, trans people, we speak about their trauma, and not the empowerment and liberation that they experience in living truthfully.

We invite members of the trans community to share personal stories of their lived experience, which is underpinned by an exploration of how we can collectively build a safe workplace environment.

Led by a moderator, this panel discussion will welcome a guest speaker from the trans community, who will speak about their personal experiences.

Pride 365

With the month of June cemented in our calendars as the global celebration of the LGBTQ+ community for Pride, we explore how we can build on authentic representation and allyship in the workplace everyday.

With the commercialisation of pride not slowing down year on year, we explore what a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community could look like everyday, and not just in the month of June when we globally lean into the conversation.

Led by a moderator, we will welcome members of the LGBTQ+ community and explore how to become a 365 LGBTQ+ ally. 

It’s time to pull up for change and not the pink pound.

Challenging Hair Bias in the Workplace

Afro-Caribbean hair has constantly been scrutinised in the workplace for its look, “feel” and the perceived level of professionalism that the wearer projects.

But with initiatives like the CROWN Act coming into play in 2020, has much changed for black employees who wear their hair naturally, or otherwise in the workplace?

Led by a moderator, we will welcome individuals from the Afro-Caribbean community to discuss their journey of being considered palatable or professional in the workplace, and what we can do to challenge negative connotations around hair.